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Back in 2013 an architecture company based in Kazakhstan began design work on an amazing conceptual idea of a house which was to be made of glass and be built on and around a giant tree. But due to lack of investment the plans had been scuppered, however the situation has taken a turn for the better with new interest from glass and solar panel manufacturers. So this house will most likely be a reality in the very near future!

The team at A.Masow architects plan to begin building the first of these glass homes very soon in the woods of Almaty, Kazakhstan. I for one cannot wait to see the final results! This is a great idea and anything that allows us to be closer to nature is aces in my books. Check out these cool images of this stunning house:


Architect Aibek Almassov has this to say about the project “About two years ago I created the design of the house which was harmless and as close to the nature, I respect nature, it feeds us but we destroy it. I’ve been looking for a solution that would help in the future to avoid the destruction of forests, we want to live with it in harmony. So i created the tubular glass house around a tree.”tubular-glass-tree-house-aibek-almassov-masow-architects-2tubular-glass-tree-house-aibek-almassov-masow-architects-4tubular-glass-tree-house-aibek-almassov-masow-architects-5

I think this is a fantastic concept and love how the home will just blend into the natural surroundings without creating any damage to the environment.tubular-glass-tree-house-aibek-almassov-masow-architects-6tubular-glass-tree-house-aibek-almassov-masow-architects-8tubular-glass-tree-house-aibek-almassov-masow-architects-9

I know if the opportunity came up for me to live  one of these house I would jump at the chance! Keep your eyes open as we will be posting more articles about this magnificent project in the near future.

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