This 4-Year-Old Boy’s Phone Call Saves Mom’s Life


It’s not often you hear good things about a toddler who knows how to use mom’s or dad’s smart device. One study suggests this technology can negatively affect childhood brain development. But four-year-old Camden Vaughan has proven that a basic understanding of how smartphones work is not only beneficial, but it’s potentially life-saving.

USA Today recently shared the heartwarming story of how Camden unlocked his mother Misty’s smartphone to call his dad, Dr. Jeremy Vaughan, after he found her passed out on the floor. Misty thought she had the flu, but her temperature kept rising. The last thing she remembers before waking up in the hospital is the 105 reading on her thermometer.

Once Camden unlocked the phone, he found his dad’s picture at the top of the favorites list. “He said, ‘Daddy I need you to come home! Mommy can’t get in the bath because she can’t wake up,'” Dr. Vaughan, who specializes in obstetrics & gynecology at Cedar Hill Women’s Center in Texas, said of his son’s call. “And I said: ‘I’m on my way!'”

Misty was taken to the Methodist Charlton Medical Center in Dallas, where her physician Dr. Ousama Moammar declared she had a seizure. Camden’s call “saved her life,” he said. “Acting early and fast is of the essence.”

Now, Camden is anxious to leave his mom’s hospital room and go back home. Misty, on the other hand, is reportedly doing well and thankful for how quick her family acted.

“It could have been a matter of minutes,” Misty said. “If my brain had continued at that temperate, I could not be the same or not be here at all.”


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