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They Found This Cub Alone And Scared, But When They Look Closer, That’s When They Realize It…


Worse For Wear.

Worse For Wear.

It is always difficult to see God’s creatures struggling or abandoned no matter their species.

This mountain lion cub was found on the brink of death in Arizona. She was all alone. Her sibling was dead and her mother was nowhere to be seen. The mountain lion is around 6 months old but only weighed 13 pounds. A mountain lion cub her size is supposed to weigh around 30. The passionate workers at the Arizona Game and Fish Department are devoted to bringing her back to health. Watch her touching rescue below. She will touch your heart.

Watch Her Story.

God bless the rescuers, and thankfully they got to her in time. Prayers go out to this animal for a full recovery.


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