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They Felt Their Fence Looked Too Plain. How They Transform It Has All The Neighbors Jealous


Backyard fences are often plain and boring looking. Transform their look with these neat ideas.

Decorate With Old Bags And Purses

Add hooks to your fence, and use your old bags and purses as planters. This will give purpose to your old belongings while making your fence look better.


Paint Can Planters

To add color to your fence, try this cool project. Gather a few paint cans and peel off the labels. Then, paint them with a bright color – something that sticks out. Use these cans as planters!


Shoe Caddy As A Garden Caddy

Decorate your fence with a shoe caddy. Hang a few across your fence, and use each pocket as a planter. This is a creative way to have a makeshift garden in your home. You can plant a variety of herbs and vegetables and organize them effectively with this project.


Glass Jars Add Light And Shine To Your Fence

Using glass jars, you can make your fence light up and shine. Add a small LED candle inside the glass jar, and you have a safe makeshift “lantern.”

Alternatively, you can also use the glass jars as planters, but be sure to add drainage holes on the bottom.


Hanging Planters

Hang and suspend a variety of different colored planters with beautiful plants on your fence. Get creative with the colors for an eye-popping result.


Hanging Baskets

Hang baskets full of flowers on your fence for an elegant and classy look.



Iron Fence Garden

If you own an iron fence instead of a wood one, consider attaching shallow trays across it. Then, add soil and plants for a lovely garden.



Flower Baskets

Flower baskets can make your fence fence look fresh and gorgeous. They certainly grab a person’s attention with its lushness and colorful beauty. Place a few them across your fence for a lovely result.


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