These Hand Dryers ‘Spread Far More Bacteria Than Paper Towels’ Says Research


A number of us enjoyed as Dyson jet dryers started to appear in various public bathrooms. These jet dryers are able to dry people’s hands much quicker compared to the older models. Research has now revealed that these jet dryers are considerably less sanitary compared to traditional dryers as well as paper towels. A study in the Journal of Applied Microbiologyrevealed that the jet dryers spread 20 times more germs compared to warm air dryers. Participants in the study would wash gloved hands using a virus solution upon which they dry the hands with one of the three items.

Hand dryer

MS2 is a virus which mimics the same effect as the spreading of human virus such as Norovirus. MS2 mimics a type which originates in the feces from those who are infected with such diseases as rotavirus and Norovirus. What ends up on the hands of the person is dependent on the amount of virus that clings on to the gloves. The author of the studyexplained this in the following words:

The choice of hand-drying device should be considered carefully in areas where infection prevention concerns are paramount, such as healthcare settings and the food industry.

We may always be in a hurry to get out of the loo. Perhaps, it is advisable to use paper towels for now. Here is hoping that big corporations can look towards biodegradable alternatives.


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