The Reason This 6-Yr-Old Is Digging in His Wallet Just Melted His Mama’s Heart—& Mine Too!!


Lyle Drummonds may only be 6-years-old, but this lil’ guy is quite the prince charming.

His mom, reality TV star Nikkole Paulun, recently shared a photo on Facebook of her son pulling his allowance money out of his wallet to pay for her dinner, and it is absolutely darling.

Along with the photo, she shared this post:


Wow, already opening doors, swooning his mama, and spending his hard earned money on the woman he loves most. Half the grown men I know don’t open the door for a lady, and a good 90% of them sure as heck don’t put their phones away.

What a remarkable little gentleman she is raising at the ripe age of 6!

He’s now been taking her on dinner dates for 4 months straight and has no intention on stopping any time soon. “It’s a special day every month for him to feel like a big guy and get to spend extra time with mom,” Paulun said. “It’s definitely made us closer.”

Paulun’s adorable ‘dinner date’ post has been shared over half a million times, as her sweet little man has won over the Internet—and our hearts too!

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