The One Thing All Blue-Eyed People Have in Common


While blue eyes and blonde hair are often traits used to describe people with incredible beauty or attractiveness, there are numerous other types of people in the world that possess blue eyes as well, and they all have one thing in common with one another: their ancestry.

It has been found that literally every person with blue eyes on the planet today is descendant from a single European person who lived about six to ten thousand years ago.  They were the first and only human to have developed the eye-color mutation that is responsible for the eye-color of a vast portion of the world’s population.

Before this genetic mutation, which has been linked to the OCA2 gene, all humans generally had brown eyes.  The variation in the OCA2 gene effectively changed the amount of pigment found in each person’s eyes.

The amount of pigment found in each eye is responsible for the varying range of colors, which is why we now have a myriad of different eye-colors, like hazel, dark brown, light brown, blue, green, etc.

Using DNA from a 7,000-year-old skeleton discovered in Northern Spain, scientists claim that this person is the earliest example of a human with blue eyes.

The mutation is believed to have occurred when humans first started moving from Africa into Europe, leading researchers to suggest that every person with blue-colored peepers comes from a single European ancestor.

Which means… All blue-eyed people are related!


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