Thanks to the Lying Media, Gun Sales are Skyrocketing in Black Community Out of Racism Fears


Source| The despicable mainstream media did not accomplish their ultimate goal of helping Hillary Clinton attain the presidency.

However, they did manage to make it seem like every single Republican voter in the nation is a violent racist.

Funny how they’ll never mention that liberals policies hold be people back, huh?

Now, gun sales are skyrocketing in black communities because they believe they’ll be the targets of racist attacks.

Umm, because we’re seeing so many cases of conservatives harming liberals in recent days since the election?


From The Blaze:

As Barack Obama would cause gun sales to skyrocket after every anti-gun speech for fear of our Second Amendment rights being stripped, now President-elect Donald Trump’s mere vicinity to the Oval Office is causing many in the black community to arm up out out of fear their lives are in danger.

According to NBC News, gun store owners are reporting that gun sales to black and minorities customers have quadrupled since November 8th, and that many black gun groups have reported that twice as many attendees have been showing up at their meetings.

“You feel that racists now feel like they can attack us just because the president is doing it,” a gun shop owner told NBC News.

Gun sales reportedly increased into record highs with up to 2.3 million background checks being performed, but gun manufacturers stock numbers slacked off when Trump won the election. Regardless, numbers are up, and gun store owners are surprised by how much of this is made up of minority buyers.

Is it possible Trump will replace Barack Obama as the greatest gun salesman of all-time?

At least when gun sales soared during Obama’s time in office Republicans had a logical reason to purchase.

What a mess.

Thanks, MSM.

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