Terror Attack In New Jersey – Bomb Goes Off Near…



We have to remain constantly vigilant. Terror is always just around the corner and it can happen when we least expect it. While we seem to think terrorism can happen in big areas or in Europe.

This time, we had an explosion on a street in New Jersey. The street was supposed to host as 5k run, and it is possible the bomb was meant to maim those running, similar to what happened in the Boston Marathon attacks.

Luckily it went off before anyone could be injured. But the fact remains that this bomb was meant to kill. This wasn’t attempted terrorism, this was TERRORISM! The end result doesn’t matter if the intention was there.

I hope whoever is responsible for this is brought to swift and aggressive justice.

This 5k was to support those who serve in the Marine Corps, so it is possible this person was targeting veterans. Disgusting.

H/T ZeroHedge.

Pipe bombs are a lot more common than you’d think.

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