Ted Nugent Has A GREAT Message For All Trump Haters And It’s FREAKING AMAZING!



With all the faux outrage over what Donald Trump correctly said about illegal aliens, at least one other high profile voice (other than Sen. Ted Cruz) is coming to the Donald’s defense.

That would be none other than legendary rocker Ted Nugent. I guess it’s a Ted thing.

Nugent’s message to liberals and anyone who feels Trump was out of line is simple: Prove he’s a liar, or shut up!

The thing is, they can’t prove, so they’ll continue to yammer.

From Biz Pac Review:

In the op-ed published on World Net Daily, Nugent slammed Fleischer for his comments in a recent Politico article that compared Trump to “a roadside accident,” and a “mess.”

“Donald Trump is a mess? Maybe Mr. Fleischer should open up the political garbage can he and the majority of Fedzillacrats live in and take a look at the real, certifiable, rotting, stinking mess that has been caused by the professional scammers of both political stripes for the past 50 years.”

Nugent says that Trump’s popularity among conservatives is due primarily to his no-nonsense attitude toward the political class that is throwing American voters under the bus.

“Donald Trump is running strong in the early polls because Americans are fed up with the political status quo, especially from left-leaning GOP Fedzillacrats who want to feed us cow dung while telling us it’s a cheeseburger.”

Condemning the “political labyrinth” that D.C. has built around itself, Nugent slammed liberals in both parties for turning government into a train wreck of bad ideas.

“If you want to watch a real political train wreck, witness a real mess in progress, you need look no further than the professional politicians who have borrowed and spent this country into oblivion. Trump that if you dare.”

Nugent then staunchly defended the “politically incorrect” comments made by Trump, challenging the political elites in D.C. to provide proof that the remarks were off base.

“For the record, I dare anybody to show me one word from Trump that isn’t accurate. What sort of denial gagged liar denies that our country is being invaded by drug-runners, murderers and rapists? What sort of denial gagged liar could possibly believe Trump meant legal immigrants?”

What Trump’s comments boil down to is political correctness. Had he said what he said in a more flattering tone while still keeping the same context, everything would be fine.

Appeasement is key! But again, the Left is hellbent on destroying our right to free speech.

Heck, they’re even going after one of their own (Amy Schumer, a very funny, highly liberal, yet, “offensive” comedian) because what she says is over the line for a Democrat’s ears to handle.

What a joke.

When a person can no longer speak his or her mind, America will forever be lost. Congrats, libs – you’re pushing us in that direction with each passing day.

When a conservative doesn’t like what they’re hearing, they change the channel. When a liberal hear’s something they don’t like, they want it banned.

Babies, every single one of them, who have yet to fully mature.

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  1. david porter

    November 6, 2016 at 1:31 pm

    • david porter

      November 6, 2016 at 1:35 pm

      Another example is when he claimed he did not tell people to “check out” a “sex tape” of Miss Universe Alicia Machado. He did. On Sept. 30, a Trump tweet included, verbatim, “Check out sex tape.”

  2. david porter

    November 6, 2016 at 1:37 pm

    “We’re leading Ohio by five or six points, we’re even in Florida, we’re leading North Carolina.” — Oct. 24
    The day he said this, Trump was wrong on all three counts.

  3. david porter

    November 6, 2016 at 1:38 pm

    On Oct. 24, he said “I won the last two debates, and every poll showed it.” In fact, every scientific poll showed that he lost. Of course, when unscientific online polls came out in his favour, Trump was quick to promote — and exaggerate — those numbers.

  4. Hillary C.

    November 6, 2016 at 1:38 pm

    Teddy Nugget is a pants pooping pedophile.

  5. Ron Mollins

    November 6, 2016 at 8:36 pm

    Easiest job in the world: fact-checking Trump. His lies are so blatant, childish, and outrageous that the hardest thing is keeping a straight face while you prove the lies in two clicks of a mouse.

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