Teacher Removed from Classroom after Showing Graphic Video Where ‘Homosexuality Is the Norm’


WTF! This teacher went WAY too far.

Since when can teachers just do whatever they want in a classroom without previously consulting the school board and parents?

This liberal teacher took things to a completely inappropriate place by showing students this horrific video. Children need to learn about math and science and English. NOT homosexuality.

Having sex ed in class should only go as far as the possible diseases and consequences resulting from sex. It should never discuss sexual preference such as homosexuality. Parents have the right to decide when and what to share with their children.

Via IJR:

A North Carolina high school teacher may soon find herself without a job, due to a controversial video which some believe was meant to give an educational message to students about the dangers of bullying.

As WSOC-TV reports, the video features a fictional re-enactment of “a world where homosexuality is the ‘norm’.” North Lincoln High School has launched an investigation.

The short film, which The Huffington Post describes as “an alternate reality backdrop of a world inverted: heterosexuals are the deviants in a world dominated by gays and lesbians,” follows a young girl named Ashley.

When Ashley’s secret that she is attracted to a boy comes to light, she becomes the victim of harassment and bullying at school.

In a final graphic scene, Ashley commits suicide by slitting her wrists in her bathroom at home.

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