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Welfare has become a way of life for millions of people. A program that rewards sloth, welfare is rife with abuse and there are numerous shocking examples to indicate the depth of this abuse. One such example is a British scumbag who has 27 children, but still received government help as he dealt drugs purchased with welfare money. Luckily, his days of conning the government are over as he is now in prison.

From the Daily Mail:
A drug dealer who lives on benefits and has 27 children will miss the birth of his next child after being jailed for 12 years.

Tony Henderson, 53, told the judge he was a ‘good Samaritan’ who supported his family by doing odd jobs for people in the community, who would give him £5 in return.

He claimed he was on benefits because he suffers from blackouts and seizures, which would stop him doing strenuous jobs such as mowing the lawn.

But the jury rejected his ‘entirely bogus story’ after hearing how police found twenty wraps of speed and crack cocaine stashed in Kinder Egg capsules in his home.

He even tried to claim they were for his drug addict girlfriend, who he was trying to wean off drugs, but officers also found cash and six phones, which detailed his deals.

Judge Jeremy Richardson QC said: ‘During the trial, you told many lies, indeed your dishonesty was truly breathtaking. The jury saw through your entirely bogus account.’

Henderson had only a ‘limited’ amount of drugs in his possession after being warned the day before that his home would be raided on June 29 last year, Hull Crown Court heard.

Asked if he had anything to declare, he pointed to a pair of socks on the floor, which each contained a Kinder Egg capsule.

One contained 1.64 grams of crack cocaine in 18 ‘wraps’, worth £360, and another had 2.64 grams of amphetamine in two wraps, worth £20 inside it.

Police also found six mobile phones, £390.40 in cash, ten empty Kinder Egg capsules and a tin containing digital scales and spoons used for distributing and taking drugs.

Henderson claimed the drugs were for his addict partner Jennifer Dunn, 32, who was also at their home in Withernsea, East Yorkshire, and is now pregnant with his 28th child.

He admitted three of the phones were his and one was Dunn’s.

Henderson also claimed to have many visitors who used the mobiles.

They contained damning evidence of his role as a ‘leading player’ in the drugs underworld, and a jury of eight women and four men saw through what a judge called his ‘truly breathtaking’ lies.


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