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Sweden Attack: Truck Mows Down Pedestrians in Stockholm Three Dead Shots Fired


At least three dead and more injured after a likely terrorist attack in Sweden.

Earlier today the citizens of Stockholm, Sweden experienced what can only be viewed as an attack of terror. A large delivery truck was rammed into the side of a department building on a busy shopping street located in the capital.

Via Breitbart:

The truck slammed into pedestrians near the Åhlens shopping center on the Drottninggatan pedestrian street in the Swedish capital. According to Swedish paper Aftonbladet, the police on the scene are saying that the incident is likely a terrorist attack.

Swedish broadcaster SVT are now claiming that three people have been killed in the incident and that shots have been fired.

Watch Here:

Shortly after the incident pictures started emerging of police arresting a possible suspect.

Only a matter of time before this happens in America. President Trump understands that extreme vetting restricts these types of incidents from happening.

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