SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!… Another Trump INSPIRED ‘Hate Crime’ Turns Out To A HOAX!



Here we are once again with another debunked allegation against Trump supporters. A student at a university in Chicago has had their allegation about an attack by supporters of President-elect Donald Trump outed as a hoax.

The Daily Caller reported:

An openly bisexual senior at North Park University claimed she was the recipient of a homophobic note and hateful emails following Donald Trump’s win in the presidential election. But the school president reported Tuesday the notes are “fabricated.”

Taylor Volk said she found a note taped to her door that read “Back to hell” and “#Trump” and included homophobic slurs following the election, as well as several anonymous emails with similar messages. She reported the messages on her Facebook, and spoke to the press about the incidents. “I just want them to stop,” she told NBC News last week.

Volk also said she was confident the school would investigate. Indeed, the university’s president announced Tuesday the notes were a hoax, and that Volk is no longer enrolled at the university.

“We are confident there is no further threat of repeated intolerance to any member of our campus community stemming from this recent incident,” David Parkyn said in a statement on behalf of the university.

Project Veritas outed the “bird-dogging” committed by Democrat operatives — a tactic by which leftists admittedly paid people to create chaos at Trump events throughout the campaign, and likely not confined to just those events either.

WikiLeaks also revealed some of the dirty tricks engaged in by the Democrats over the years, such as interns sent to protests and people paid to shill for Hillary Clinton online.

The left can’t win on their merits, since their policies and arguments have none. They have to resort to these types of dirty tactics to win, and as this election showed, people are fed up with it.

Hopefully that trend continues and people become even more wise to what the left is up to because as their influence wanes, particularly via the mainstream media which the WikiLeaks showed operates as an arm of the Democrat party, they are going to hit back with everything but the kitchen sink.

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