Rep. Raul Labrador Exposes The Stunning Fact About The GOP Healthcare Plan That The Media Wants Hidden



The mainstream media is on a witch hunt for Donald Trump, especially now with the passing of the American Health Care Act, but Raul Labrador has a fact that they want to ignore…

The mainstream media, liberals and uniformed people everywhere are running around claiming that this new Health Care Act will not cover those with pre-existing conditions. That’s just how democrats are twisting what the truth really is. The intent of the new act is not to hurt anyone with pre-existing conditions, on the contrary, they are trying to help ALL Americans. In changing the way we pay for those with pre-existing conditions.

From Conservative 101:

“The way Obamacare paid for it was by raising everybody’s premiums and making health care almost unaffordable for the average American and then covering people with pre-existing conditions. What we’re doing is we’re reducing the cost of health insurance for most Americans, well actually, for all Americans and a few select people are going to receive subsidies from the government to pay for their higher premiums,” said Labrador.

“We’re covering more Americans. We’re making [it] more accessible for more Americans — it’s actually a better plan,” he said.

Remember, insurance is a risk based business. It is not An entitlement. The higher a risk you are the more you pay. Think of your car insurance, if you have an accident or other offense, the higher your premium becomes. People should be able to purchase insurance that covers their needs, I.e, why would a woman in her 50’s want to pay for a policy covering pregnancy?

The only fear that liberals have is Trump’s health Care program being a success….




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