Students Who PLAN A MASSIVE Walk Out To Protest Racism, Then Something HILARIOUS Happens…



It’s pretty clear by now that diversity of thought is not something that is welcome on college campuses today.

For the most part, our universities have become places where liberals can do whatever they want and conservatives are forced to shut up. It’s really sad because you would think that college would be a time to share ideas and learn from each other.

Not so much.

Students at the University of Michigan are apparently really upset about racism.

So their solution was to organize a walk out but make sure to limit how white people could participate.

Essentially, a racist protest against racism.

From The Daily Caller:

Hundreds of students at the University of Michigan (UM) joined a national campus walkout Wednesday, demanding their school fight racism and serve as a “sanctuary campus” for illegal immigrants.

Ironically, while demonstrating against racism, the protesters engaged in racial segregation themselves by restricting the roles white students were allowed to play in the protest.

Positions such as “demand reader” and “chant coordinator” were exclusively the purview of non-white students. The only posts white students were allowed to fill were “police people” (in charge of “deescalation tactics” to prevent police violence) and “crowd control.”

“We want visibly privileged folx. Let’s protect those around us!” the document said for the crowd control position. “[You are] supposed to be here for support, not to demand or to draw attention.”

The document urges white people to remember that they are there to be “behind” non-white protesters, in a philosophical and potentially literal sense.

Lovely right?

It is hard to believe sometimes that these liberal protesters and BLM supporters don’t understand how racist they are being when they judge other people based on their race.

They do exactly what they are allegedly protesting against and they do it all. the. time.

At this point, we really have to chalk liberal universities up as a lost cause.

Go Buckeyes.

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