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Store Manager Offers Job to Shoplifter Trying to Feed His Children


When the manager of a supermarket found out why a man was shoplifting, he refused to press charges — and got downright generous.

Store manager Radzuan Ma’asan (above) offered the man a job, and even threw in some cash to help with current expenses and to send his oldest child to school.

The 31-year-old shoplifter, who remains anonymous, was caught in Malaysia stealing about seven dollars in food from a Tesco.

Ma’asan questioned the man, who tried to exit the store with his son while carrying fruit and drinks. The man confessed immediately, shocking the manager with his honesty.

The father of three explained he’d had to quit his job to take care of his wife and children after she slipped into a coma during childbirth. A visit to a relative’s house where the family was staying confirmed his story.

His wife is now recovering at home and the store manager told The Star that his number one priority was to ensure that the seven-year-old gets enrolled in a school.

“The man’s situation really touched our hearts,” said Ma’asan, who is now looking for the right tasks to assign to his new employee.

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