These States Are Passing ‘ENGLISH ONLY’ LAWS – Do You Support Them?


America was founded by ENGLISH migrants escaping religious persecution from Great Britain. Obviously this means we SPEAK ENGLISH.

Every other country in the world has no problem stating that the official language is their native language. In America however that is not the case because God forbid we hurt anyone’s feelings.

Regardless of the fact that America is a cultural mixing pot it’s still a primarily English speaking country. Foreigners who travel to America should do so with the knowledge that they need to learn some English in order to be able to communicate.

If an American went to another country such as China we wouldn’t just assume that they are going to speak English. The amount of technology available for translating should make this a non issue.

Not to mention the mass amount of money the country could save on not having to print everything in multiple languages.

Certain states are finally standing up for the country they live in and declaring English only from here on out.

Via Viral Liberty:

 Some states have taken their preference for English further: including Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, and many others. They have mandated that only English be used to teach students. This is how you make a strong nation. When you have strong foundation nothing can come in the way. WE HAVE TO MAKE ENGLISH THE OFFICIAL LANGUAGE OF THE USA!

Via Find Law:

English as the Official Language

While the federal government does not recognize an official language, roughly 30 states have passed laws designating English as the official language. A few states have gone further by requiring their public schools to teach only in English.

English-only Education Laws

The federal government sets education standards and goals through laws such as the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, and it occasionally uses the threat of reduced funding to compel states to comply. However, education policy and curriculum is set at the state and local level.

Only a few states have passed English-only education laws, although there have been failed efforts in other states. For example, in 1998, California voters enacted a proposition that requires the state’s schools to teach only in English and to stop providing bilingual education programs, subject to certain exceptions. Although test scores of English-learning students rose after the proposition was passed, a report submitted to the California Department of Education after five years of review stated that there was no conclusive proof that English-only instruction was the cause of the rising scores. In 2014, California’s legislature passed a law to end the state’s experiment with English-only instruction (schedule to take effect in 2017).

Other states that have also passed English-only education laws include Arizona in 2000 and Massachusetts in 2002. However, Colorado voters rejected an English-instruction initiative in 2006, as did Oregon voters in 2008.

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  1. Mary A Noriega

    February 12, 2017 at 10:37 am

    The Europeans, Asians and other learned to speak English… However, many Hispanics refuse to learn English.
    The American People have been told to learn Spanish to be able to communicate. Sorry, to tell you you are in America.

  2. Susan Easley

    February 12, 2017 at 6:31 pm

    I was in the military for 35 years, and I learned at least SOME of the language of each country I went to in my career; Germany, Spain, even Japan, it was very educational and fun, it put me in touch with the people I saw, even on short tours. If you’re going to LIVE in a country, learn the language!

  3. Diane

    March 5, 2017 at 2:20 pm

    I think they should speak English in our country,and also understand english!! But they should be given some time to learn it also!!

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