Speeder caught by cops doing 158 mph regrets nothing


Somethings in life are just worth it whether you get in trouble or not.

This was the case for Christopher Garza. Mr. Garza was arrested for excessive speed and had his $65,000 car impounded after police officers clocked him going 158mph. Not really sure what the actual speed limit was but I think we can all agree that unless he was on the auto ban 158 mph was definitely well over the legal limit.

When questioned by the officers on why he was going so fast Christopher Garza gave the most patriotic answer possible.

Via Fox News:

Christopher Garza was arrested, had his $65,000 car impounded, spent a few hours in jail and will soon be going to court, but says it was all worth it.

The 30-year-old Chicago resident was taking his friend out for a spin in his 707 hp Dodge Challenger Hellcat muscle car when he tore through a speed trap on the Indiana Toll Road outside Gary at 158 mph, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The incident happened at 1:31 AM on March 7, and the state trooper that spotted him says Garza immediately started to slow down when he saw the patrol car.

After getting pulled over, Garza said that his friend was a wounded vet that had just returned home and was going through some rough times, so he was trying to cheer him up and figured an empty road would be a safe place for a high-speed run.

“Really, I was just kind of getting my buddy’s mind off of reality for a little bit,” Garza said.

Despite his reason for speeding, Garza was booked and is currently out on bail awaiting trial, but says he has no regrets because his buddy had a great time.

“I’ll deal with the consequences,” Garza said.

What do you think, should he just be let off with a warning?

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