Should Fast Food workers earn more than Paramedics?


Raising minimum wage to $15 an hour only gives lazy people the excuse to be even lazier.

Entry level jobs that pay minimum wage are NOT meant to support anyone for a lifetime. Entry level jobs exist for teenagers just starting out in the job market, 40 year-old employees with five children aren’t suppose to survive off if minimum wage, they are suppose to advance and work hard to be promoted to positions that pay more than minimum wage. Fast food workers require zero training. Paramedics must complete rigorous schooling that teaches them the skill of saving lives, do they make $15 an hour? No. Do they let people die in order to protest how unfair it is for a McDonald’s worker to earn more than they do? No. Unlike being a paramedic, fast food employees are easily replaced by machines, so go ahead and continue the outrageous request for $15 an hour. However when these fast food chains opt for a robot instead, don’t even dare apply for welfare.

Via IJR:

In the Detriot area, Fox 2 interviewed members of one group that chanted and held signs in front of Southfield City Hall, petitioning both for union rights and for their hourly rate to be raised to $15.

While the minimum wage in Michigan currently stands at $8.15 an hour (higher than the federal wage of $7.25), and is set to increase to $9.25 by 2018, fast food workers like Tashara Carter say it’s not enough:

“We can’t live off minimum wage. It’s just not possible.

A day at my job is me doing everything from running the drive-thru to washing dishes to prepping food, so it’s just a lot of work for one person to do, and I work the night shift.”

When asked by Fox 2 reporter Roop Raj why fast food workers deserve $15 an hour when paramedics — whom, he points out, save lives — receive less than that, protester Lakecha Jackson replied:

“Because we do too much. We do more than we get paid.”

Tashara and Lakecha…. if you honestly believe your job is harder and deserves more than a paramedic all I can say is don’t ever call 911 because obviously you can do the same things that they can, right?

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