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Sheriff Joe Arpaio Just Totally Humiliated The Scumbags He Arrested And Buys MORE AMMO With THEIR MONEY


If there was a world with just a few more Sheriff Joe’s, I think it would be VERY well off. This guy is great. I just LOVE hearing about what he’s currently up to, and THIS, THIS is AWESOME!


Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is using money from the sale of seized crime scene guns to buy $140,000 in ammunition and radios for his volunteer posse.

The total garnered from the sale–$257,443–is being divided between the ammunition purchase and a $102,656 purchase of radios for the posse as well.

According to a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) press release, the $140,000 in ammunition works out to “nearly 500 cases of ammo” consisting of 9mm, .45, and .223.”

Sheriff Arpaio said:

My posse responds to situations that could be life-threatening. They need to be ready to protect themselves, the deputies they are supporting, and any innocent bystanders in potentially violent situations. Because law enforcement is not getting full support from the highest levels of the federal government, we have a widespread war on cops throughout the country. Being prepared for a hostile criminal element is crucial.

On April 6 Breitbart News reported that Sheriff Arpaio launched a new program to help another often overlooked group–incarcerated veterans. His new program pairs a jailed veteran with a dog from the MCSO Mash Unit for a period of time every Wednesday, thereby giving veterans an opportunity to form a bond with the animals in hopes of relieving struggles associated with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and similar issues.

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