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Sheriff Clarke Puts Drunken Black Lives Matter Thug In His Place


SOURCE | Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke tackled and subdued a rowdy and aggressive drunk Black Lives Matter thug on an airline flight as the plane was landing.

Preston Bluntson, 36, was charged with intoxication and disruptive behavior after being hauled off the American Airlines flight from Milwaukee to New Hampshire over the weekend.

He was initially detained by Sheriff Clarke, the outspoken Trump supporter and thorn in the side of the Black Lives Matter community.

On the Christian website Patheos, Clarke wrote that Bluntson was drunk and “kept causing problems.”

“He was yelling at passengers, the flight attendants, and would not calm down no matter what,” the sheriff wrote. “One newspaper reported incorrectly that the man was berating me the entire flight, which wasn’t true. Had he come at me with that, I would’ve just kicked his ass.”

However, one of the passengers said that Bluntson was definitely focusing his rage at Sheriff Clarke.

According to the passenger, Bluntson, who is African-American, repeatedly used a racial epithet, accused Clarke of “closing our parks” and said the sheriff is “not one of us.”
The passenger was seated in the back of the plane and kept running up and down the aisles.

“After I pinned him across the seats to maintain control he said… ‘Oh you’re one of those kind of niggers,’” Clarke said in the email.

The sheriff, who also is black, said about mid-flight he had to intervene because Bluntson was “giving the flight attendant a hard time.”

“He stopped, sensing I wasn’t playing around. I thought that would take care of it but it did not,” Clarke said.

“He got out of his seat as the plane approached the runway on landing,” he continued. “That was enough for me. As the wheels touched down I got up pushed him him back into his seat as he tried to get up again and I pinned him down until cops boarded. I yelled for the Sgt and said give me your handcuffs and I cuffed him.”

Once inside the terminal, Clarke said Bluntson continued to “be an ass” to police officers.

In his article for Patheos, Clarke also called for improved safety on aircraft and said places that don’t allow people to enter with firearms like restaurants ‘are never protected in meaningful ways’ and are ‘easy targets.’

‘Passengers in airplanes now are sitting ducks, but we shouldn’t be forced to choose between traveling and safety,’ he added.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Clarke was on his way to New Hampshire, where he is the featured guest for the Cheshire County Annual Republican Shoot on Sunday.

The sheriff regularly travels to events to promote the candidacy of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and has often tweeted support to the businessman in his White House bid.

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  1. Nana

    September 28, 2016 at 1:35 pm

    Deciding that, because one is of a “minority” that has been tagged as getting an unfair shake, one can break any laws one wants to and it should all be overlooked. Cry racism or discrimination while pointing a gun at an officer, or while chanting allah whatever on a plane. Demand to be allowed to have one’s face fully covered in the name of one’s religion all the while, as a woman, doing all kinds of things that, in one’s homeland, she would NOT be allowed to do, in the name of religion.

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