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She Was Paralyzed In A Car Accident, Then She Met HIM. Now, Before Their Wedding, She Reveals THIS..


Your wedding day is something that you cherish forever and that you prepare for months in advance usually. Brides and grooms use this day as a milestone to complete a certain goal they have in mind whether it be to lose weight or to become more physically fit.

The Best Day Of Her Life!

The Best Day Of Her Life!YouTube Screen Shot

This bride is no different, however her goal is much more significant. The bride was paralyzed in an accident and was motivated to be able to walk down the aisle. After months of intense physical therapy, she reached her goal with the support of Dad. He supported her and was able to fulfill the dream of walking his only daughter down the aisle to her groom. This was the cornerstone of months of dedication and drive. She was beaming and so was her husband. The guests were all in tears, watch the incredible moment in the video below.

See The Touching Video!

Make sure you have some tissues handy, you just may need them. God bless the happy couple! She is an inspiration, Amen!


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