Sessions drains more swamp; completely ELIMINATES…


In order for Trump to have a successful presidency, it’s absolutely vital that all the Obama minions are removed from their position of power.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has wasted no time in fulfilling this necessity since officially taking office. In order to climb out of the massive debt left behind by the Obama administration, President Trump is cutting costs where it counts the most: payroll.

By slimming down the government personnel quantity to only those vital to running the country you cut costs of overpaid government officials by an astronomical amount. Not to mention eliminating a large percentage of error when too many people have their hands on something.

Via Allen B West: 

 On March 13th he issued an executive order demanding a “plan to reorganize governmental functions and eliminate unnecessary agencies.”  The goal of that plan is to put the federal government on a diet.  That diet will inevitably mean that federal agencies reduce costs. The number one cost for most large organizations? Payroll.

One of Trump’s biggest hatchet men is Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Once confirmed to his new post by the Senate, Sessions wasted no time getting the purge started by abruptly firing all remaining Obama-appointed prosecutors, 46 in all.

On Monday Sessions said ‘adios’ to the National Commission on Forensic Science.

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions officially ended the partnership Monday between the Department of Justice and a group of independent advisors tasked with recommending uniform forensic science standards nationwide.

Sessions will not renew the National Commission on Forensic Science, a panel of scientists, judges, crime lab managers, and lawyers created by former President Barack Obama in 2013, he announced in a statement.

The swamp will be drained and this new administration is wasting no time accomplishing this mandatory feat.

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