SERIOUSLY!!!: After Cops Try To SAVE Fatally Wounded Teens… They Still Get The Blame


VIA| I come from a long line of police officers. My father was a police officer. We were a “cop household.”

However, while my father was proud to have worn the blue, he made me promise to never, ever become a police officer. Why? Because even back 15 years ago or so, he saw that it was becoming increasingly impossible to do the job and get home alive each night.

He saw, too, that it was becoming a thankless profession.

It turns out that ol’ Dad was right. Police everywhere are under attack- both politically and physically. Much of the black community appears to believe that police are the enemy and that citizens of color are not obliged to deal with police officers no matter the circumstance.

When two police officers attempted to administer first aid to two teenagers who were shot, they were not hailed as heroes by the black community. Instead, this community became outraged and blamed the police.

Officers responded to a call and found 17-year-olds Marsavious Frazier and Daqarion Hunter near-death in a Kalamazoo, Michigan, alley. They had been shot. Officers attempted to save the boys’ lives, but were too late and both teenagers died.

So, the racists that comprise the domestic terrorist group “Black Lives Matter” mobilized and circulated a rumor that the boys had been killed by police. Now, police in the city are facing pressure from the group for having done nothing but try and save the lives of two black teenagers who got shot.

What’s astonishing is that while BLM gripes about a fictitious police conspiracy to shoot blacks, they ignore the epidemic of black-on-black crime that affects countless cities.

Two black teenagers are gunned-down and while there are (and should be) serious efforts to find the perpetrator(s), what’s pathetic is that BLM is unwilling to examine alternative theories of the crime that don’t entail police gunning-down teenagers.

In this warped terrorist group, the police must always be the enemy; that is the only way that their “movement” survives- by blaming police and inciting hatred and bigotry.

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