ARE YOU SERIOUS?: NAACP makes STUNNING claim about black cops…


Source| Our bi-racial president is “black” because apparently that’s how he identifies. George Zimmerman was a “white Hispanic” because it had to be a white guy shooting an unarmed black Trayvon Martin. In the height of ridiculousness, over the pond in the UK, the British Army has welcomed its first “female” front line soldier even though “she” has been already been serving as the male he was born, but has decided to come out as transgender with painted fingernails and a different hairdo – ergo, now a “female” because she says she is.

The infamous Rachel Dolezal presented herself as “black” and served as head of a local chapter of the NAACP even though she was in fact born white. The NAACP apparently had no problem with that saying, “One’s racial identity is not a qualifying criteria or disqualifying standard for NAACP leadership.”

However, there seem to be many occasions when black people (according to liberals) aren’t black at all – because they’re not “authentically black.” For example, black conservatives such as our own Allen West — or Clarence Thomas, Condoleeza Rice, Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Walter Williams, Sheriff David Clarke –well, they’re not really black and are deemed “sellouts” (or much worse).

Now the NAACP has set its sights on another group of the black population: the police.

The city of Charlotte, NC erupted in violence after Brentley Vinson, a black Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer, shot and killed Keith Scott, a black prior offender with a long history of violent criminal activity. Since the narrative goes that racist white police officers are wantonly hunting and executing innocent, unarmed black men, the narrative needed to be hastily rewritten.

Now, according to the NAACP, black police aren’t really black.

“Many black people who become police officers become blue, not black,” the organization said Tuesday. “In order for you to survive in a police department, you take on the police department’s ideology, ways of life, and culture.”

Ah of course. That explains everything.

Instead of commending the 26-year-old officer who graduated from Liberty University and ran a popular bible study group there, the race-baiters at the NAACP have instead decided to take the side of an ex-con and insulted the thousands of black officers across the country who are putting their lives on the line to keep their communities safe.

If wearing a uniform, trying to maintain law and order, and keeping our streets free of crime and violence makes you “white,” what does that say about being black?

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