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Sarah Silverman Commits TREASON Calls For Military To Stage COUP Against President Trump!


Folks, James here. hope you’re all having a good day. I was grocery shopping with my wife earlier and while we were driving back to the house the topic of the Hollywood buffoons that are protesting Trump, or getting people to protest Trump came up in the car.

She doesn’t follow things as closely as I do, but she turns on her computer almost every day to find more and more celebrities acting like their opinions actually matter and they think that they are going to somehow sway people to somehow get Trump to not be President anymore.

Now, her response to most of this would be, “I wish they’d just stick to acting and shut up.” Well said…

The other thing that gets me is how these people who have done nothing but play make believe for money all their lives somehow know how to either run a military better than people have been doing it their entire lives or to govern anything that’s bigger than a studio trailer.

Sarah Silverman has called for a military coup against President Donald Trump.

The comedian posted in all-capital letters Wednesday night to her nearly 10 million followers to “wake up & join the resistance.”

She added, “Once the military is w us fascists get overthrown. Mad king & his handlers go bye bye.”

Silverman tweeted amid the violent riots that broke out in Berkeley, California, over Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ now-canceled speech at UC Berkeley.

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