Sanctuary City Sets Illegal Immigrant Criminal Free — U.S. Citizen Pays the Ultimate Price Weeks Later…


Sanctuary cities are a flagrant disregard for national security and should all be dismantled immediately.

Sanctuary cities harboring known criminals are arrogantly defying the Federal immigration laws of the US government designed to protect us. Some liberal leaders of these cities seem to believe that they are justified in protecting the rights of illegal aliens while putting legal residents in extreme jeopardy.

Tim Cruz of Denver, Colorado was a tragic victim of this ideological mentality AND the criminals who live in our country illegally. Instead of assisting ICE in the capture and deportation of a repeat offender that they had in custody, this sanctuary city decided not to notify ICE until 30 minutes after he was released.

Just two weeks later Cruz, an AMERICAN citizen, was robbed and murdered brutally.

Here Are the facts:

According to IJR, roughly six months ago, Ever Valles was arrested by Denver police on charges of illegal possession of a weapon and vehicle theft. The suspect was reportedly flagged by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as an “immigration enforcement priority,” given his known gang affiliation.

A detainer request was put on Valles, asking the city of Denver to notify them before he was released, so they could take him into custody. However, Denver released Valles December 20, and ICE claims they were not properly notified.

On February 17, Valles was charged with first-degree murder for the death of 32-year-old Tim Cruz.

The Denver Sheriff’s Department claimed it alerted the local ICE office of Valles’ release at 11:33 p.m., on December 20, roughly a half-hour before Valles was released from jail. ICE, however, argued they didn’t receive any fax until about 38 minutes after Valles had already been set free.

President Trump needs to move quickly and firmly to end the Sanctuary Citizen policies responsible for these types of travesties.

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  1. george ennis

    February 23, 2017 at 7:38 am

    family needs to sue the denver sheriffs department.

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