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San Diego Airport Memorial Cross Threatened with Removal for ONE Reason


Separation of Church and State doesn’t include separation of Military support.

Every person has their own beliefs about how the memorialize the death of a loved one. At the San Diego county airport an unobtrusive Cross marks the memorial spot designated to honor a fallen Vietnam soldier. Recently a petition was created in order to stop the state from removing the memorial because some heartless bust body complained that it being on State grounds goes against the constitution as it’s a religious symbol.

Via Breitbart:

In January, one unidentified person made a phone call asking authorities to remove a cross that has stood for 51 years in honor of a fallen Vietnam War soldier at the San Diego County airport in Ocotillo Wells.

Alex Bell, program manager for San Diego County’s Land Use and Environmental Group, told the Los Angeles Times that the person called to complain that the cross was located on county property. The Times notes that the county reportedly confirmed the cross is on its property, 84 feet from the unmarked property line, and Bell said that it was “an establishment of religion and in violation of federal and state constitutions in violation of federal and state constitutions,” and that they are taking steps to address the issue.

However, in May Sherri Kukla, who publishes S&S Off Road Magazine, started an online petition to prevent the monument’s removal. For her, the cross is not religious, but rather “a historical memorial monument” used as a point of reference for off-roaders. It has also comforted people who have lost loved ones for a variety of reasons, she told the Times.

According to the petition, the monument was erected to honor “Jim Bruce Robison, an Ocotillo Wells resident who was killed in action in Vietnam at age 21 in 1966. His house, still owned by the family, is across the street from the cross. The cross also serves as a memorial for two other residents in the community, according to a news article Kukla found in her research.”

This is Cross was not placed there to force Christianity on travelers, it’s simply a way to honor the life lost protecting this country. If you don’t like it than don’t look at it!

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