Rush Limbaugh OBLITERATES Michelle Obama’s ‘I Hate America’ Speech In JUST Minutes


While the mainstream media fawned all over the Michelle Obama speech at the DNC convention, el Rushbo laid out a blistering smackdown like only he can do!!

 He takes apart her speech in the expert fashion that he’s so well known for – check it out below:

El Rushbo says that liberals will never quit doing what she did – forcing people to obsess over and wallow in the terrible history of slavery in our past.

And while he overdoes it a little for entertainment’s sake, he’s right. Literally every ethnic group that has ever existed in the world has enslaved another group at some time or another. It’s only in America that people pretend that it was any worse than what everyone else was doing in the world for thousands of years.

That doesn’t excuse our bloody past, but it should put in perspective given that America has provided so much freedom, prosperity, and wealth to more people than other country in the world’s history.

Here’s what Michelle said that got el Rushbo so hot and bothered:

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