Rush Just Predicts VIOLENT RIOTS If THIS Happens In The Election!


VIA| Rush Limbaugh was asked such a good question that he said he could write a thousand word opinion-editorial on it, or talk about it for three hours! And his answer came in the form of a prediction that there will be violent rioting if a certain election outcome happens to pass.

The question from a listener is, “how do you think ‘Black Lives Matter’ riots will be handled after the election, whether Hillary or Trump will be elected.” El Rushbo says that he really believes African-Americans will riot just because there will no longer be a black person in the Oval Office.

Then he continues to say that Democrats will riot violently if Hillary isn’t elected because they’ve been told that she will win a landslide and this would be a terrible shock.

Here’s more Rush on how Americans respond to racial attacks from the left:

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