Robert F. Kennedy Jr. DROPS BOMBSHELL: “Trump Could Be Greatest President In History!”


Boom! Even JFK’s extended family knows what is best for the country: President Trump.

All over the country liberals have been displaying an outrageous amount of disrespect for President Trump. Democrats love saying that he is ruining the country and he doesn’t even deserve the chance to try. This ridiculous thought process stems from one thing, and one thing only: they lost.

One member of the country’s top President’s family disagrees. All the libtards in the country should take the time to listen to what a member of one of the country’s original families has to say.

Via World News Politics:

“Donald Trump could be the greatest president in history if he wanted to, he could easily be the next Teddy Roosevelt.”

Kennedy continued,

“Well, I think Donald Trump can be, you know, any kind of president he wants. He’s actually — he has this extraordinary opportunity because he’s coming into office less burdened by obligation than probably any president in our history with the possible exception of Andrew Jackson.”

“And you know, both of them, Jackson and Trump came in, they were — people were sickened, they were outraged when Jackson came in and they thought it was the end of the world and he became a — unless you were an American-Indian, he became a very good president in defending the country against corporate power and really democratizing America in many ways.”

“Trump does not have obligations, he could really be an extraordinary president.”

Watch Here:

Finally someone willing to say what liberals NEED to hear. This is a democracy, sometimes your candidate loses. Deal with it!

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