Robber Tells 88-Year-Old to Strip Down. That’s When She Unloads What Her Husband ‘Died’ of…


Disgusting crime wave involving elderly women is being seen throughout Pennsylvania.

Helen Reynolds is an 88-year-old widow living in Chester County Pennsylvania. After a morning outing, Reynolds returned home and received a knock on the door. Helen Reynolds lived alone but after answering the door she found herself in the presence of a young man hell bent on robbing and assaulting her. Quick thinking prevented the worst for Reynolds but she was not able to stop the man from doing the same thing to another woman a mere 14 miles down the road.

Via IJR:

As CBS Philadelphia reported, for three hours, Reynolds was a captive in her own house. The intruder went through her belongings and took $40, then he bound her hands, head, and mouth with duct tape.

Reynolds told CBS Philadelphia that she tried to get the man to think about his actions:

“I said, ‘Would you do this to your mother to bother her like you are doing me?’”

The intruder undressed Reynolds and threw her on the bed. She told CBS Philadelphia she continued to fight, kicking the man in the groin:

“Maybe I really hurt him. I don’t know and I really don’t care.”

When that didn’t deter her assailant, Reynolds relied on her wits to stop him. Thinking quickly, she came up with the perfect lie about her late husband. As she told CBS Philadelphia, it was a story calculated to make the would-be rapist think twice:

“That’s when I told him that I had HIV and my husband died of it, which is a lie. He didn’t bother me. That’s when he got out his piece of wire that he had in his pocket with the tape and everything and tied my ankles together.”

After the man left, Reynolds went about freeing herself. She chewed through the duct tape, then ran to a neighbor for help.

Reynolds knows how lucky she was. A few days later, a 72-year-old woman living just fourteen miles away was beaten by a teen intruder and left bound in a closet for four days.

Though quick thinking saved her, Reynolds told CBS Philadelphia she had someone on her side:

“It was all about me and my God and he helped me out.”

The moral of this story is, never stop fighting. God is always on your side. Jesus never stopped fighting and neither should we.

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