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Refugee’s FLOOD This Subway… Moments LATER This FRIGHTENING Thing Happened!


VIA| This should make your blood run cold. French Muslims were yelling “Allah O Akbar” on the subway to intimidate non-Muslim passengers. I’d say they did a damned fine job of it too. Looks like the invasion of all of Europe is right on schedule when you look at this video.

They packed into that subway to trap other travelers and force their submission. Then they started chanting in Arabic, which was frightening enough. But when they started yelling, ‘God is great!’, well that adds a whole new dimension to threatened terrorism. The French aren’t armed and aren’t fighting back. In fact, I didn’t see anyone even object in this video… they were too frightened. Is this how Europe falls? Frightened into silence, cowed into submission. Pray for Europe indeed.

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