READ ALL ABOUT IT: Colorado Early Voting Polls Have SURFACED And Who Is In The LEAD Will SHOCK YOU!



The first polls close in about 24 hours and everyone is trying to read the tea leaves and figure out how the presidential election is going to go.

The most significant indicator is how the early votes are coming in.

We don’t know who people are voting for specifically but we do know the party registration of the people who vote early.

In the battleground state of Colorado, the GOP seems to have the advantage.

From Washington Examiner:

The GOP has the lead among early voters in battleground state Colorado, the Denver Post reportedMonday.

According to numbers released Monday morning, registered Republicans cast 652,380 ballots so far, about 7,000 more than those cast by Democrats. When the votes are rendered into percentages, a little over 35 percent were submitted by Republicans, 34.8 percent by Democrats, and 28.5 percent were unaffiliated. Democrats initially held the lead Thursday, but GOP voters dominated by Friday, the report said.

The paper said that doesn’t necessarily imply that each voter is supporting their party’s nominee, but said early voting patterns are often viewed as signs of the success or failure of get-out-the-vote efforts.

This obviously doesn’t account for Republicans who vote Democrat or Democrats who vote Republican.

Still, it’s a positive sign for Donald Trump.

Typically, Democrats perform better in early voting.

It looks like that isn’t the case in Colorado this time around.

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