Race relations Heat Up in Light of Confederate flag Removal in SC


Acts of violence seem to be the answer for members of South Carolina in regards to the Confederate flag.

America has a democracy for government which promotes a difference of opinion represented by the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. America also has freedom of speech and opinion. That opinion is personal and a right. However not all americans seem to grasp this concept, if you don’t like an opinion that’s fine, but just as you have the right to that opinion so does the person who has an opposing opinion. Democracy, look it up.

Banning the Confederate flag on a state level should be a violation of the constitution as it is an image that many in the country support as a historical symbol but it happened. Not everyone removed this symbol for their license plate and recently one woman decided to remove it for them.

A vehicle is private property and a civilian does NOT have the right to take matter into their own hands. Therefore ripping the flag off the vehicle followed by ramming the owner with her vehicle when he attempted to record her license plate has resulted in legal action. Shocking.

Via Daily Caller:

A woman in Charleston, South Carolina allegedly ripped a Confederate flag off a man’s truck and backed into him with her car.

The woman stopped her car, got out, and ripped off his Confederate flag “tag.”

As the man was trying to get her license plate number, she hit him with her car.

The woman, Ann Lee Waters, is being charged with “vandalism and leaving the scene of an accident with injuries,” ABC 4 News reports.

The man also reportedly suffered a knee injury.

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