Prince’s Sassiest Moments Will Have You Laughing In The Purple Rain


When it comes to unique musicians, Prince was one of “The Beautiful Ones.” We’re saying, baby, he’s a star. And if you didn’t know, now we have video proof.

YouTube user Killer Queen recently put together a compilation of the singer’s sassiest moments, and it just shows Prince was a true original. For example, instead of singing “We Are the World,” the singer chose to eat a lollipop on stage. He didn’t like the song. He liked lollipops.

It’s just because Prince did things his own way. He may have not wanted to be a part of “We Are the World,” but he donated millions to other charitable causes.

At the end of the day, Prince just wanted to see you laughing in the purple rain, and this video of his most divo moments will definitely accomplish that.

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