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Press Goes Nuts on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson


The new administration has had ENOUGH with the bias coming from mainstream media.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will be going on his first foreign trip since taking office. This trip will be to Asia where he will be speaking with South Korea, Japan, and China regarding the recent missile launch by North Korea among other topics.

In a true show of defiance, Tillerson has not invited the press to accompany him on this trip. Mainstream media is furious, to say the least.

Via World News Politics:

The State Department offered to assist reporters who chose to travel to Asia unilaterally, but that offer did not suit the press. They refused the State Department offer as impractical.

The media maintains the position, “without the traveling press, the situation gives the American people no window whatsoever into the views and actions of the nation’s leaders.”

What the media seems to fail to understand is that the American taxpayer funds these unnecessary trips reporters feel entitled to go on. Do they also think they should receive 5-star accommodations on the taxpayer’s dime?

CNN reporter Jake Tapper took to twitter to complain about not being invited.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell decided to show her frustration by openly yelling at Tillerson during a photo op. Her behavior leads to her physical removal from the building.

Watch Here:

Maybe if the media did its job of presenting news in a nonpartisan manner they would’ve been invited, maybe not. Doesn’t really matter if you are invited or not does it?

If reporters want to go they can use their own money to do so and stop expecting free handouts like the democrats the so obviously favor.

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