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A Plane Already Left The Gate, But After Receiving THIS News, Turns Back IMMEDIATELY!


Humanity is alive and well! Southwest Airlines proves that somethings are more important.

You never know what can happen during in flight hours. Turning off all forms of electronics is important but important things can happen during that time.

In this case something very important and life changing happened to one unknowing passenger. Southwest came through in an amazing and selfless manner that changed someone’s life.

Via Young Cons:

Southwest Airlines is being praised for going above and beyond the call of duty after a woman learned her son was in a coma after an accident.

Peggy Uhle was on a flight from Chicago to Columbus waiting to take off when the plane turned back to the gate and flight attendant asked her to get off.

“I figured I was on the wrong plane. The gate agent told me to check in at the desk and when I did she told me to call my husband,” Uhle told airline blog

After checking in with customer service, Uhle learned her son, who lives in Denver, was in a coma after suffering a head injury. Even before Uhle disembarked, the airline had rebooked her–with no additional fees or service charges –on a non-stop to Denver that was leaving in two hours.

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  1. BuffaloBillie

    February 14, 2017 at 11:11 am

    This is how Southwest operates! They are one fantastic airline!

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