Pakistani Suspects Arrested, Muslim Spy Ring Discovered Getting MASSIVE Payments From Democrats


Liberals throw national security out the window. Vetting system is weak and allows radical Muslims to acquire jobs with access to confidential government information they can leak.

Beginning in the early 2000’s one Pakistani family slowly integrated themselves into the DC IT staff. This family’s ultimate goal was to gather as much information from as many different departments as possible in order to provide the maximum amount of intelligence to American enemies.

Imran Awan was the first member of his family to pass Democrats vetting process and was shortly followed by his wife, brother, sister in law, and finally his youngest brother. All of whom are now under criminal investigation for theft and accessing classified information.

Via World News Politics:

Imran first came to Capitol Hill in the early 2000s and Abid joined him in 2005. Imran’s wife Hina Alvi was added to the democratic payroll in 2007, while Abid’s wife, Natalia Sova, appeared in 2011.

In 2014 the youngest sibling, Jamal, joined the payroll scam at the age of 20 with a salary of $160,000.

Furthermore, these Pakistani criminals earn an outrageous salary paid for by the American citizens they are trying to destroy. Being paid over 4 million dollars as a family for having IT jobs is absurd. Not to mention how obviously wrong it is to employ so many members of a family from a country known for terrorist activity. Didn’t this send up a red flag to anyone in the democratic party?

Imran Awan has collected $1.2 million in salary since 2010, and his brother Abid and wife Hina Alvi were each paid more than $1 million.

WTF! How are these criminals earning more money than American police officers, firefighters, teachers, military veterans and so much more?

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