OUCH!: Tim Kaine Gets A NASTY Surprises At Florida Rally…



If you believe the Clinton campaign propaganda — including the campaign communications arm known as the lamestream media — you’d think the election is over and the Queen already coronated. (Of course, if you are still among those who believe the Clinton propaganda, you are either a willfully blind Democrat devotee or you have even bigger problems and we must talk.)

Indeed, recent polls show momentum favoring Hillary Clinton, with theRealClearPolitics average showing her up by 5.4 points, just two weeks from election day.

However, in an election cycle that has turned conventional wisdom on its head time and time again, many have argued that the polls may also be turned on their head come election day. As The Hill notes, pollsters have acknowledged the difficulties of polling the 2016 race, blaming “unprecedented volatility, two historically unpopular candidates, fast-changing voter behavior patterns and shifting demographics. All of those factors make it tough to figure out exactly who will show up on Election Day.”

One of the factors the polls may likely be missing is a potential enthusiasm gap between likely Clinton and Trump supporters — which could potentially weigh heavily on who actually shows up on election day.

And if rally attendance is any indication, Team Clinton may be in trouble. Take, for example, what vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine faced in the key battleground state of Florida.

A crowd of some 30 people — including journalists and operatives.kaine-rally-florida


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