OUCH!!!: Martha Raddatz Won’t Like What’s Happening The Morning After the Debate



It’s hard to imagine a presidential debate moderator giving a more biased performance than Candy Crowley from 2012 (when she sided with Obama over Romney), but plenty of people believe ABC’s Martha Raddatz may have topped her.

If you caught the entire event, you noticed Trump was interrupted by Raddatz and CNN’s Anderson Cooper 26 times to Hillary Clinton’s 12.

Sure, Trump definitely interrupted Clinton when she was speaking more often than she did him, but it was pretty clear for who the moderators were angling.

From Conservative Review:

Everyone knew that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was going to have a difficult time at Sunday night’s debate, as a video of incredibly lewd comments Trump made in 2005 surfaced over the weekend.

But debate moderator Martha Raddatz’s pro-Hillary Clinton bias wasn’t helping the polarizing GOP nominee one bit. Right from the get-go, ABC News’ Raddatz cut Trump off as he was answering a question about the aforementioned video. But going into the debate, it was pretty clear Martha Raddatz would be the most biased.

Recall, this is the woman who described Hillary Clinton’s testimony before the House Benghazi committee as “riveting.”

What is happening to Martha now?

Raddatz is being labeled as pretty much the worst moderator of all time.

Take a look at these overwhelming responses on Twitter:

Want to know something funny?

Raddatz had Barack Obama as a guest at her wedding.

Does anybody on the left see that as a conflict of interest?

Do lefties find is absurd that when the audience clapped for Trump they were told repeatedly to remain silent, but when Clinton received applause the moderators said nothing?

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