OOOPS!: Major Newspaper Company Forced To Apologize After Publishing Fake Anti-Trump Reports To Their Readers



While Donald Trump has received more media coverage that Hillary Clinton during this election cycle, 91% of the news has been hostile towards the GOP nominee.

Nothing about the MSM has been fair and balanced.

From day one they collectively made it clear that a woman under FBI investigation must be president over a man who says things people may find offensive.

Here’s a twist.

A Florida newspaper is apologizing to readers for their anti-Trump coverage.


From BizPac Review:

A central Florida newspaper has apologized to its readers for the decidedly anti-Donald Trump coverage that has been published during the election.

The Daily Commercial published an editorial titled “The media, the election and bias” on Oct. 23 that explained the paper is reliant on wire services for much of its election coverage and those reports are weighted heavily against Trump.

“The Daily Commercial hasn’t done enough to mitigate the anti-Trump wave in the pages of this paper,” it wrote. “You deserve a more balanced approach to the coverage of elections and other weighty issues.”

Not bad.

We can forgive, but we can’t forget.

Hopefully more outlets will come forward with the same message to let the nation know they’re finally going to do their job once again and, you know, report the news over giving their opinion.

You want to be a commentator? Fine.

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