Right After Voting FOR ObamaCare Repeal, John McCain Just Stabbed Trump In The Back


John McCain encouraged republicans who doubted him in the past with his vote FOR the ObamaCare repeal but that encouragement didn’t last very long after listening to his speech.

It has been a very strained relationship between republicans and John McCain. He’s made a lot of questionable decisions and most conservatives wouldn’t mind if he just left to the democrat side. But since his health scare and the discovery of a serious brain tumor, the President found a moment of harmony with McCain, wishing him well with his health. McCain’s vote for the Obamacare repeal also kept things sailing smoothly, until you actually listen to his speech, that is…

From Liberty Writers:

That’s right, while most people saw him trying to rally the Senators, there was a much darker hidden agenda to the speech.

Let’s start with where he stands on the actual Health Care repeal. Despite voting to open the debate, McCain made it very clear he will NOT support the actual bill and believes it will fail.

In fact, he described the bill they would be voting on as a piece of legislation secretly made behind closed doors with Trump. Then he ALSO said that Trump’s attitude of “getting something done” is bad.

Oh, and did Senator McCain stop there? Heck No! He went on to talk about how America is not about “Building Walls” but tearing them down.

Due to the type of cancer he has, he should not be involved in the senate and making these important decisions. This type of brain tumor affects your ability to understand and make rational decisions. Now is really the time for McCain to step down and stop being a traitor to his party and his President.

He is not doing anything to help either party. It is time to go home and spend what time he has left being around his family and put politics behind him for good. He’s become a dangerous liability to the United States of America.

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