OBAMA STRIKES AGAIN!: Walmart Has JUST Announced Some Devastating NEWS, Things Are Only Getting Worse



Barack Obama’s weakening economy has struck again. This time, Walmart has announced that it’s cutting 7,000 jobs due to economic woes.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the 7,000 jobs will come from back office positions and will target workers who are in accounting and invoicing. The retail giant says it will continue to work to put more employees on its sales floor as part of the company’s turnaround strategy.

The job cuts, which will be phased in over the next few months, will target Walmart’s most senior workers, since those are the ones who often make the most money.

Many employees have voiced dissatisfaction with the decision, since accounting and invoicing jobs at Walmart stores are one of the first steps to advancement for minimum wage workers, and they were already difficult to get.

“You are not running around the store on your feet all day,” one accounting worker said. “Everybody wants to get in there. The jobs never open up.”

That worker made $13 an hour, good for about $27,000 a year.

Of course, if the Obama administration has their way, everyone will be paid $15 an hour and those jobs will be eliminated entirely, likely to automation. There will be no step up for Walmart workers (or any minimum wage workers), who will instead be trapped in menial floor jobs with no likely avenue for advancement.

That is, of course, if those jobs still exist.

We’ve seen plenty of bad economic news these past few months, with companies like Sports Authority closing its doors totally. Retail icons Searsand Macy’s, meanwhile, have just drastically reduced their number of open retail locations.

For liberals, that’s perfectly fine. After all, those changes mean more people dependent on the government. And while they’re at it, the left will continue to berate these greedy companies for not essentially operating as profitless job banks, arguing that’s the reason why they need to take more of their money.

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