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America finally has a President who puts AMERICA before the global community.

For the past eight years, America has played mediator to every other country in the world. Preferring to take a passive approach to the mass terrorism present throughout the world. Spending extraordinary amounts of money and resources on foreigners in our country as well as abroad.

President Obama didn’t just allow illegal immigration to become the inherent problem our country now faces he openly supported it. He put helping Muslim refugees before the safety of American citizens.

Now that the Muslim lover is out of office President Trump plans on reversing the immense damage his predecessor bestowed on the country. His plan for doing this will not only create jobs for this countries citizens and save the country money, it will also support the Americans affected by illegal alien’s heinous crimes. Rather than for some unfathomable reason supporting the illegals as Obama always did.

Via Hillary 4 Prisoner:

On Tuesday, Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly issued an immigration memo stating the United States would be shifting U.S. government’s efforts and resources away from defending illegal aliens to helping their victims, reports CNS News.

The memo created the “Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement” or VOICE Office, which will act as “liaison between ICE and the known victims of crimes committed by removable aliens.”

Via  CNS News:

The plight of the victims of criminal illegal aliens attracted national attention in recent years due to the murder of 32-year-old Californian Kate Steinle by an illegal alien with multiple felony convictions who had been deported five times previously. Steinle’s parents have filed a lawsuit against the city of San Francisco, a sanctuary city.

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  1. Birgitta

    February 24, 2017 at 10:02 am

    It’s feel great to have a man thinking about us first and make people follow our laws. And I am happy the libs and dem. Are not making it in there lies and corrupt ways. Now we need too put them in jail because what they have been doing that is high treason.. thank you President Trump

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