Now That The FBI Is Exposed..It’s Time Trump Focuses On The IRS


President Trump’s removal of FBI director James Comey was only the beginning.

Recently congressman Ron DeSantis of Florida gave some powerful words of wisdom during an interview that covered many topics. At the core of this interview DeSantis praised Trump for his removal of James Comey but made it clear that draining the swamp has only just begun. Just as Comey abused his powers in order to protect Clinton, IRS commissioner John Koskinen used his to stonewall any investigation into Obama’s abuse of power by making illegal moves against a political opponent.

Via Daily Caller:

Congressman Ron DeSantis from Florida says in an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation that the FBI has a “fresh start” following James Comey’s firing, and now it’s time President Donald Trump clean out the IRS, starting with Commissioner John Koskinen.

“Mr. President, you removed James Comey and we now have a fresh start at the FBI. Do the same at the IRS,” he says.

DeSantis escalated his repeated calls for Trump to fire IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, who stonewalled the congressional investigation into the IRS’s abuse of power against Obama’s political opponents. No one in Washington has been held accountable for targeting conservative groups, DeSantis says.

In this wide-ranging video interview, he spoke with passion, authority and principle on issues ranging from media bias, the IRS, James Comey’s testimony, terrorism, the Paris Treaty and Obamacare. A graduate of Harvard Law School and decorated veteran, DeSantis was elected to the House in 2012, ran for the Senate in Florida until Sen. Marco Rubio re-entered that race, and is now considering running for governor.


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