SPINELESS Liars at Nordstrom EXPOSED! Here’s the REAL Reason they DUMPED Ivanka’s Clothing Line


Dishonesty at its finest, retail store blatantly lies about why it will no longer carry Ivanka Trump line.

What you should’ve done is tell that activist group boycotting your store that they won’t dictate to you, that’s what would’ve happened if you had a pair.

According to Washington Post- Nordstrom will stop selling Ivanka Trump’s name-branded line of clothing and shoes, a company representative said Thursday.

The change followed a weeks-long boycott campaign, organized by an anti-Trump activist group called “Grab Your Wallet.” The group demanded the department-store giant cease doing business with the president or his family.

In a statement, the Nordstrom representative said that Ivanka Trump products were being dropped because of poor sales. Its statement did not mention the group’s boycott effort.

On the company’s website Thursday evening, the only Ivanka Trump-branded items available were four styles of shoe, all being sold at a discount.

Shannon Coulter, who helps run Grab Your Wallet, said that number is down sharply from early December, when Nordstrom had 71 Ivanka Trump items for sale.

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