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Newt: Comey Would Have Covered Up Watergate


SOURCE | In a scathing interview on “The Mike Gallagher Show,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich went after FBI Director James Comey for his testimony before Congress, saying that the FBI’s head would have covered up Watergate.

Gingrich also said that Comey’s testimony, which he implied covered up for Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and how she handled information on her private email server, would destroy the FBI director’scareer.

During Comey’s Wednesday testimony, the director said that no evidence was uncovered during his investigation to indicate that an IT employee was directed by Clinton or any of her staff to delete emails or information from her private server, in spite of the complex methods which were used to delete the information.

He also said that no evidence was found that would support an indictment of Clinton or any of her staff. Gingrich, however, did not buy Comey’s explanation.

“You’re seeing the first clear, visible corruption at the FBI,” the former speaker told Gallagher Thursday. “And Comey is the agent, and it’s sad. It’s going to destroy his career.”

“If Comey had been FBI director in 1973, Watergate would never have happened because he would have covered it up,” Gingrich continued, adding that Comey’s testimony was like a preview of what transparency in a Clinton administration would mean.

“It will be the most corrupt administration in American history, which I find frightening,” Gingrich said. “Having a commander in chief that’s that corrupt could dramatically weaken the fabric of American society.”

It’s sad to see a man of James Comey’s integrity end up defending Hillary Clinton under oath, testifying against all reason that no IT technician was ordered to delete emails using an encrypted system called BleachBit and, apparently, expecting the American public to accept that the employee had taken it upon his own initiative to do so.

Such is the power Hillary Clinton apparently wields inside the Beltway. Fiction becomes truth, truth is erased, and anyone who asks questions about it is an enemy. As for those like James Comey who are called upon to facilitate the subterfuge, they’re disposed of like the Kleenex Bill Clinton uses to wipe off his cigars.

This is why we need someone from outside the Beltway to lead our country. I’m not going to give you any names, but I’m fairly certain you know where to find at least one of them on the ballot this Nov. 8.

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    September 29, 2016 at 8:43 am

    Comey and Lynch have already been paid enough they don’t need any stinkin job….

  2. George mulkey

    September 29, 2016 at 12:09 pm

    Who is in the next chain of command that can override the FBI? This needs to stop dead in its tracts! This is worse than the Mafia. Why are Americans paying taxes to support a branch of govt. this corrupt? Are the people going to have to take the govt. over. This is serous crap.

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