Newly Leaked Wikileaks Email May Have Just Proved A “Conspiracy Theory” About Hillary


VIA| A newly leaked Wikileaks email has revealed that prior to Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi hearing her top aide worked to avoid sending her through the metal detector at the Capitol. Despite resistance from the Secret Service their request was granted. The real question though is why it was necessary to make such a request and what is the metal Hillary carries on her person that she is unable to remove. During the New York Commencement ceremony, Hillary had to be rushed off due to a medical emergency. As she was placed into the van a mysterious piece of metal fell from her pant pocket and many people speculated it was a part of a catheter. These emails may give some credence to the wild claims.

 Breitbart reported: In late October of 2015, Clinton’s inner circle discussed the logistics of her entrance to the Capitol. This email thread is dated days before a hearing where she testified for 11 hours about her use of an unsecured, homebrew email server to conduct all her business as Secretary of State and her handling of the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack which took the lives of four Americans. Katherine Turner, law partner to Clinton’s personal lawyer David Kendall, writes to Abedin, Podesta, Kendall, Cheryl Mills, Jake Sullivan, and Heather Samuleson that Abedin successfully arranged for Clinton to skip the security line:
I spoke with Mac Toler re logistics: 1. He and Huma have made arrangements to do the advance walk-through tomorrow morning and work through entry/exit logistics. He did mention that the entrance plan would be that her car (and any cars with her) would pull up to the front entrance, Secretary Clinton herself would *not* have to go through metal detector/security, but all those arriving within her “from Mr. Kendall on down” would have to do so; he would have a dedicated security line cleared for us to expedite this. I didn’t comment on this other than to say that the details of entry are an aspect that he and Huma should work through tomorrow morning. He wanted to know arrival time for this; again, I deferred to you on that, Huma. [emphasis added] Abedin worried on a previous email that Secret Service would “fight with us” about that specific request:..also USSS [Secret Service] will need to coordinate with Capitol hill security. i want to know in advance if they are going to fight with us about HRC going through a mag [walk-through metal detector]. Read more @ (Link: What Do You Think? Please Share

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